District 201V3, Blind Bight, Cannon's Creek, Pearcedale, Tooradin, and Warneet; Victoria, Australia


Lions International Deafness Research Fellow

For 25 years Lions have been supporting a Hearing Research Fellowship at the Bionics Institute.  The fellowship funds an exceptional hearing researcher to explore ways to improve bionic ear usability and technology.  Researchers who examine ways to slow or halt the progress of hearing loss are also a central focus of the fellowship. 

Eleven researchers have to date received the fellowship and this Lions funded research has directly impacted on the way that children and teenagers adapt to the bionic ear. The research has established tests and guidelines by which children can be tested and more accurately fitted with these amazing devices.

Most recently the fellowship has been used to support researchers who are attempting to improve sound quality in noisy environments and music appreciation for bionic ear users.  Both of these practical and quality of life issues are difficult to overcome, but progress is being made. 

The value of the Lions International Hearing Research Fellowship is that it provides young and talented researchers, who have not yet had sufficient experience with peer reviewed grants, an opportunity to establish themselves and their research in a highly competitive environment.    The grant recipients over the years have attracted their own research funding, established teams and made significant impacts on the hearing health of Australians and beyond. 

This fellowship is without a doubt an amazing opportunity for our future research leaders.

Cheques should be made payable to - "Deafness Research Fellowship" and sent to Victorian Lions Foundation, 37 Arden Avenue, Leopold, VIC 3224.

Lions International Neurobionics Research Fellow

Much like the Lions International Hearing Research Fellowship, the Lions International Neurobionics Research Fellowship aims to provide a talented young researcher the opportunity to work in the emerging field of Neurobionics.  The Bionics Institute is developing a range of devices that stimulate the brain to alleviate the symptoms of neurological and psychiatric conditions such as, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, chronic pain and obsessive compulsive disorder. 

The Neurobionics Research Fellow will be a core researcher within the team, mentored by the institute’s senior researchers.  Research into Neurobionics will provide the researcher with experience beyond bionic hearing, but utilising much of the same base knowledge. 

The capacity of Neurobionics to provide relief to people with otherwise untreatable conditions is extensive.  The application of Neurobionics has the potential to be many multiples that of the bionic ear and bionic eye combined.  It is an exciting new way to address some of our most difficult health problems and Lions International is there to help fund this program from the ground up.

Cheques made out to "Neurobionics Fellowship" should be sent to MD201V3 Treasurer, Lions Club of Balla Balla, PO Box 239, Tooradin, VIC 3980.